What We Do

We support knowledge sharing between equity-focused, evidenced-based organizations and those that need high-quality resources.


We want to expand equitable opportunities for all learners by reimagining knowledge sharing. Rather than a one-directional delivery of evidence to policy and practice, we believe in the evolution of knowledge as it moves through networks of human interaction, from those who produce it to those who can use it—and back again.

Knowledge mobilization is not linear, but rather highly relational, multidirectional, co-constructed, and built on trust.
Who We Are


We’re constructing a user-driven toolkit that supports the sharing of high-quality, equity-focused knowledge by identifying human connections with the potential for impact. Using 21st-century technologies, our tools enhance and deepen the exchange of knowledge and resources both online and offline.

We partner with groups working in different levels of the educational system across the globe, from traditional classrooms to non-traditional education settings, from system-level leaders to researchers. Our work combines in-depth quantitative and qualitative research methods and a focus on equity with social network analysis, natural language processing, and machine learning.

How We Do It
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