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Alan J. Daly

Professor Alan J. Daly

Chief Executive Dreamer

Professor, University of California, San Diego

Alan J. Daly was born in Boston, but after one too many cold winters moved to California to pursue his passion for education as a sixth-grade teacher. After five years teaching, Alan earned a Masters of Science in Counseling and became a school psychologist. Alan earned his Ph.D. in Educational Leadership at the University of California, Santa Barbara where he became the Director of the Center of Educational Leadership. For the last 16 years, he has been Professor and Director of an Educational Leadership Doctoral Program at the University of California, San Diego. Alan’s research and teaching are influenced by his nearly two decades of public school experience with his research focusing on the role of social networks, leadership, educational policy, and knowledge mobilization with a focus on equity. He has published over 150 peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters along with five books. Professor Daly’s work has been widely supported by national, international, and philanthropic sources focused on transforming educational spaces. He was most recently the Chair of the Department of Education Studies and a Fulbright Global Scholar in New Zealand and South Africa as well as a Fulbright Specialist in Spain and in Chile. Despite his travels he is still true to his roots as a Boston Red Sox Fan and loves camping under the stars—five stars to be exact.

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Dr. Mimi Lockton

Dr. Mimi Lockton

Chief Project Catalyzer

Postdoctoral Scholar, University of California, San Diego

Mimi Lockton was born and raised in California where she has experienced the education system in so many ways—as a student, teacher, parent, and researcher. Guiding her work is the belief that people’s lives can improve when the educational systems in their clusters improve. When she is not thinking about educational change, you might find her road tripping throughout the U.S. or curled up with a dog and a good detective book.

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Dr. Martin Rehm

Dr. Martin Rehm

Chief Data Wrangler

Postdoctoral Scholar, University of Regensburg, Germany

Martin Rehm originates from the Rheinland (Germany). He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in International Economics and master’s degree in Labour Economics (Maastricht University, NL). He then worked as a lecturer and quickly discovered his passion for online learning. Moving into educational science, Martin developed a range of online modules and programmes for large, international organizations. After attaining his Ph.D. from Maastricht University (NL), he studied informal learning on social media and has earned his Habilitation (qualification for professorship) at the University of Regensburg, Germany. Being a professional nerd, he also enjoys swimming, paddle boarding, cooking, and music.

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Anita Caduff

Dr. Anita Caduff

Chief Swiss Army Knife

Postdoctoral Scholar, University of California, San Diego

Anita Caduff is passionate about understanding social networks among middle school students, teachers, school leaders, and resource architects—all in the service of better understanding how education can be transformed towards more equitable opportunities. Anita was born and raised in Switzerland, where she graduated with a B.A. and M.A. in Teaching at Secondary School Level 1 from the University of Fribourg. She worked as a middle school teacher in Switzerland, as a German language teacher in the United States, and volunteered in a kindergarten, daycare, and middle school in Togo. Anita is an enthusiastic chef and enjoys trying new wines and cuisines with her friends and family. She is a lover of people, laughter, and learning.

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